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Asian’s Fashion Sense

The world of fashion has gone through many evolutions. From the all-wrapped up ladies and gents of the medieval era to the shorter styles of clothing of today’s generation—fashion speaks for the history it belongs to. And today, Asians are becoming a part of this history. They are not only emerging in music and sports, but also fashion. And the style that Asians has is very true and original to its roots.

Koreans, Indians, and Japanese fashion are evidently blotting history on the map of fashion. The Western world and their neighboring Asian countries are discovering the fashion empires of these countries through their movies, music, and famous celebrities. They leave observers curious of the fashion and the need to try on to the new styles that they are showing.

  • Seoul, Korea is a a shopping destination for tourists and locals alike. Korean pop stars dominating international music charts are seen in their own fashion and the world is getting curious leaving most Westerners thinking, “Their clothes are fabulous!” And that leads the fashion air to Korea. The new generation Korean fashion is different to the traditional in so many ways. Their fashion is noticeably opposite to their traditional clothing and fashion watchers are thinking that they might be scared to mix and match with their contemporary and classic fashion.

Korean Fashion

  • Bollywood is slowly getting noticed by the world. Indians may not be so big in music but their movies are showing the world what Indian fashion is all about. Unlike Korean fashion, Indians are more of risk-takers in terms of fashion. But the risks are all worth it. Their current fashion mirrors what Indians have been wearing in the past which really shows the beauty and colors of their history from before to the present.

Indian Fashion

  • Japan has been in the map for long already—longer than the two countries mentioned above. Japanese movies and music have been in the map since before and people have seen this fashion family grow. “Style is eternal,” as Coco Chanel says and this is what Japanese fashion is showing the world. They are like the Indians who are mixing contemporary and classic—-history and the modern times. The beauty of Japanese watchers can notice is finding the beauty of fashion without showing off too much. Japanese fashion is a perfect mix of the conservatism of its history to the dynamics of the modern fashion world.

Japanese Fashion

Prom Night Tips

Below are some of the suggestions for making that night really special:

  • First, think of what your overall look will be at least two months before the occasion.  Check hairstyles from various magazines or by searching the web to know the right hairdo that will suit you.
  • Surf the internet for different prom dresses you may like to wear. If you want to go to nearby malls better if you bring someone with you, like friends or family to help you decide for the right evening gowns that will fit you perfectly and you could also compare prices to pick those that suit your budget.

Mini Length Strapless Sashes Prom Dress

  • Make salon appointments two months before the date of your prom. Making appointments during the prom season is an unwise thing to do since most salons will be full. You will have the opportunity to choose your favorite hairstyle and the hair stylist that can do it right if you book the appointment ahead of time.
  • Same with your nails and make-up, try to make prior arrangements before the date of your prom. This will provide you more alternatives to choose the place you want and to spend wisely since prom season can become expensive if you are on a budget.
  • There are many prom night dinner offers that you can go with your friends to or your prom date that are not pricey to help you enjoy the evening but it would be better if you make a reservation one month before the date. Also, It would be good if you also have transportation to pick you and your friends up for going to your favorite dinner place.
  • Decide on your final look three weeks before your prom night. You should have already bought your prom dress, shoes and accessories with your chosen hairstyle by this time. You may also match your dress with your shoes or other accessories and even the tie of your prom date.

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Luxurious and Comfortable Sleepwear for Women

Women love to feel adored and loved. This is one of the many reasons why they want to use make up, dress up and shop. While they have different preference n terms of clothing, they all love having a lingerie collection.

Lingerie comes in various sizes, shapes, designs and quality. There are different important factors to consider when choosing a lingerie that will highlight your figure and make you comfortable at the same time.

Lingerie is also commonly worn as a sleepwear and it comes it is available in numerous styles such as baby doll, camisole, chemise, night gowns, robe, and pajamas. They are made of different materials to ensure comfort.

Here are the common sleepwear types based on materials used or fabric type:

Cotton Sleepwear

Fashionable Cotton Sleepwear

Cotton fabric is one of the most comfortable materials ever created. With 100% cotton sleepwear, every woman will definitely feel comfortable wearing it from night time until morning. Designer nightwear brands carefully blend fashion into comfort thus offering lots of choices to those looking for comfortable lingerie. Some of the favorite picks are luxi cotton short sleeve cami, strappy nighties, and sky cotton chemise.

Satin Sleepwear

Fashionable Satin Sleepwear

Satin sleepwear or nightwear is one of the luxurious collections every woman should have. Designer brands are usually the top picks but there is always plenty of option to choose from. Satin sleepwear is available in pajama set, night gown, chemise and nighties. Some of the popular choices are cami and boxer set, long satin night gown, satin middle shirts, short satin robe

Silk Sleepwear

Silk sleepwear also offers comfort and fashion in one. It feels soft and delicate to your skin that you will almost feel like you are not wearing nothing at all. This is ideal for special occasion that requires a sexier undergarment. There are plenty of nighties made of silk and you can invest on this type of fabric because they are also known to last longer.

Be Sexy this Spring with the Buttercup Short!

With lots on ongoing sale this spring season, shopping online has never been so exciting! You might check out Lilly Pulitzer (lillypulitzer.com) to join the buttercup shorts craze!

Buttercup Shorts for Spring

Lots of cute and sweetly printed bottoms to choose from. Enjoy a fresher spring with this great selection. And here’s the best part – free shipping on all orders.

Must-Have Trendy Pieces

Must-Have Trendy Pieces Fashion Halls

1. Metallic shoes
Your kick-ass outfit will look better with the right type of shoes. If you are attending parties or going out for a drink at the night club, a glittery pair of shoes will make you look more attractive and fabulous.

2. Frilly dresses
Frills and laces can make girls feel younger and sexier. Get a frilly dress whether for casual wear or shopping outfit.

3. Clear accessories
Crystal-clear accessories will go well on any outfit so make sure you stock up on transparent dangling earrings and bracelets.

4. Pastel tops
Candy colors are sweet and calming. There are lots of trendy tops accentuated with beads or buttons. It can give you a sexier look especially those pieces with sheer accents.

5. Classic colors
Black and white tandem is still in! For a crisp and classic minimalist look, pair your black top with while slacks or vice versa.

6. Pleated skirts
Pleats are sexy and will look more girly when paired with sleeveless tops.

7. Comfty Blazers
Spice up your getup with a lightweight blazer.

8. Bare-shoulder tops and dresses
Be sexy and daring with assymetric cuts! Show more skin by wearing fashionable tops.

Post-Valentine Looks to Try

The month of love is not yet over so why not shower yourselves with trendy pieces to keep the romance burning. Feel great and worthy with this selection:

1. Go casual and sexy with maxi dress. Long flowy dresses can be reallt cool and if you will go for sleeveless, you’ll feel fresher.

2. Explore the goodness of flat shoes. They can be a real foot saver! Look for posh and practical shoes for everyday wear.

3. Pick accessories with brighter colors. Earrings and bracelets can be real eye-candy if you mix and match them well.

4. Put on shimmering and dazzling makeup to keep that happy and lively vibe!

Maxi Dress and Flats

Maxi Dress and Flats

Go Outdoors with Fashionable Summer Accessories!

Have you ever felt worried about being not so fashionable when traveling or doing some outdoor activities? You just have to know the basics and you should be good to go. Focus on the most important things first then the miscellaneous stuff can follow.

If you’re feeling like a beach babe or a travel buddy, don’t forget to pack your things early and include the following:

1. Sun Dresses

Sun Dress
Choose wrinkle-free sundresses for your convenience. Nobody would want their perfect summer clothes in mess once they pull them out in their luggage. Linen-made clothes are surely perfect for summer but one must have an ironing board in order to enjoy it. Unfortunately, no traveler will dare to bring an ironing board in the span of their travel. Wrinkle-free fabrics are designed for travel. Roll it, put it in the luggage to save space and when pulled out, they’re good as new! Go for the blends of bamboo, spandex, cotton, and polyester.

2. “Utility” jewelry

Bracelet and Watch in OneA “utility” jewelry is not just an ordinary jewelry. From the word itself, utility, it fits for all occasions and style. It is not needed to have different sets of matching jewelry for every outfit. Aside the fact that it is impractical; it also increases the chance that the owner will lose it. Utility jewelry can be a bangle watch that can also be a bracelet; a simple gold or silver hoop earring; a silver, gold, or neutral-colored cuff bracelet; a silver or gold chain necklace with a tasteful charm; and a muti-colored beaded necklace.

3. Fashionable tote

Fashionable Tote
Carry everything you need in a single bag when going outdoors. Choose tote bags that are fashionable and made of light-weight materials. Carefully place your towels, toiletries and makeup kit in your tote bag. It should have compartments to hold your summer skincare essentials, swimwear or basic undergarments.

4. Sun glasses and Hats

Sun Glasses and Hats
Going out is the sun will always be a part of travelling. When travelling, you shouldn’t forget protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Wear a sunglass to protect your eyes. Losing is easy when you’re out so you can opt for bringing cheaper sunglasses. You wouldn’t want to cry when your designer sunglass lost. Another way of protecting your skin is with the use of sun hat. Wrinkle-free sun hats are available in the market. You can just fold it or just squish it into your bag.

Fashionable Summer Hats for Your Protection

Fashionable Summer HatOver the past three decades, skin cancer became the most common form of cancer. The numbers of skin cancer patients are greater than all cancer patients combined. About 90 percent of these skin cancers are associated with the exposure of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Other than that, sun damage can also cause premature aging of the skin. Protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays can be done with simple things like avoiding staying under the sun for too long and applying sun protection. How about the face, head and neck? These parts are often neglected when it comes to sun protection. This should be alarming considering the fact that a third of all skin cancers starts at the face, around the neck, and ears.

In order to be protected, one can wear a hat. Keep in mind that the hat one should wear must not only be fashionable but should also provide protection. Among the factors to consider when buying a summer hat are brim size, material used, brim shape and colors.

Aside from these four main factors, one should also consider the type of active he/she will engage in as well as the climate when choosing the appropriate sun hat. If you are into travelling, Tilley hats are for you! It comes with a secret Velcro pocket that is perfect for storing small belongings. If you’re going to a beach or pool, waterproof hats are perfect for your needs. It floats and is even waterproof.

Women’s sun hats are designed for all the women. Mixing fashion and protection is now as easy as 1,2,3! If you’re looking for a stylish yet appropriate for your need sun hats, better check what we have in store for you!

Fashionable and Comfortable Summer Shoes

Women’s feet are considered to be one of the most stressed parts of the body. During work, the feet are usually stuff in uncomfortable closed shoes, super high heels, and tight boots. Summer time is almost here. Say goodbye now to stress and say hello to vacation! Vacation means travelling, shopping, non-stop walking outdoors, and of course, relaxation. Surely, women’s feet are rejoicing because they’ll be out of those uncomfortable shoes.

True enough, shoes are designed to carry women whenever they go. Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”That is true for most of the women out there. But, you may want to look on the other side. How can a girl conquer the world with her shoes if her feet were hurting because of the shoes itself?

Honestly speaking, most shoes are designed only for fashion – not for comfort. If you want to be beautiful, you have to feel and later on, overcome the pain. Most shoes don’t accommodate the feet the right way in case there are bumps or blisters. One common problem is the “Hammer Toes”. It forms corns on the toes because of wearing closed shoes. Another is the “Bunion”, it cause joint pain in the toe because of wearing closed shoes. Both problems occurred because of the pressure applied to the big toe, forcing it inwards and towards the shoes.

You must know your right shoe size to find the most comfortable shoes. Consider the type of shoes and material used as well. Here are some fashionable and comfortable summer shoes that you can buy:

1. Michael Kors Plate Jelly Sandals

Michael Kors Plate Jelly Sandals
2. Clarks Women’s Lexi Jasmine Sandals

Clarks Women's Lexi Jasmine Sandals
3. Alfani Draper Bit Drivers

Alfani Draper Bit Drivers
4. Bandolino Adecyn Flat Sandals

Bandolino Adecyn Flat Sandals
5. Karen Scott Carolton Pumps

Karen Scott Carolton Pumps

There are more summer shoes available at macys.com.

Bubble Style Vintage Dresses

Bubble dresses can be in the form of strapless, halter, or spaghetti straps. Bubble dresses are dresses with bubble hem. Bubble hem is the style where there is an elastic band on the base of the dress that gathers the excess fabric. The excess fabric falls over the elastic band, thus, creating the bubble-like appearance. Beyond just being a style, it is also practical to wear especially during the open parties or when travelling during windy days. Why? Because the wind can really blow hard and you don’t have to worry that your dress will be swept by the wind. These casual dresses are usually knee-length, the perfect length for most women. It can be worn during casual occasions or formal parties, depending on the accessories you’ll wear.

Some styles to rock your parties:

1. Black Vintage Style Belt Decoration Lace Bubble Skirt Sundress
It’s not as simple as your little black dress. This is more daring and more detailed so you can flaunt your sexy body.

Black Vintage Dress

2. Elegant Retro Large Hem Waist Bubble Lace Dress
The detailed lace in this black and white bubble dress can give you a dainty look. This is ideal for casual wear or movie dates.

Retro Bubble Dress

3. Vintage Cocktail Dress Gauze Bubble Skirt
Be girly and fresh with floral sleeveless tank top vest with bubble skirt cocktail dress.

Vintage Cocktail Dress