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Hot Styles: Open-Toe Sandals and Pumps

Women tend to be very particular when it comes to what they wear especially when it comes to footwear. They are not satisfied with just buying anything that they come across. They want to make sure that they are spending their money for something that is really worth it and long-lasting.

Women wear a variety of shoes depending on their plans for a day or if there is a particular occasion or event that they will be attending. Brand, design, the materials used, the heels are but a few factors that they consider when shopping around for footwear. As of recent, open-toe sandals have been catching the attention of women. From the simple and classical Mary Jane sandals comes a new batch of edgier styles which incorporates the idea of romance, dreaminess and whim.

Mary Jane’s Type Z Gypsy is one of the most popular footwear that ladies choose to wear. It has trimmed laces with some designed with ribbons and bow ties. Some models are also trimmed with ruffles and pleats. Not only can it emphasize a girl’s neatly polished toes but it is comfortable to the feet. Various designs are available for girls to enjoy such as Broadway Sizzle Shoes and silver glitter accompanied by a metallic bow. Another one is the funky leopard-printed pump! Of course accompanying it with the right clothing can make a lady more beautiful.

Mary Jane Pump

Women these days have grown more conscious of what they wear and what style applies to them and it is no different when it comes to picking the right footwear for them.

Get Inspiration from Mary Jane Pumps

Footwear changes from season to season and you can cop some ideas from popular celebrities and well-known fashion sites. Let’s focus on the trendy pumps before this year ends.

Women usually invest on stylistic, unique and timeless footwear. With the fast changes in the shoes trend, you should not make a big fuss out of it. Fashion repeats itself. You may even keep your old pumps and wear it again when the season for pumps is revived. That’s how easy it is. You can also redesign your pumps with detachable frills and other embellishment. Buttons and laces are good add-ons to any shoes. Get inspiration from Mary Jane Pumps! There are just so many styles to choose from. Feel like time-traveling? Go for retro-inspired printed wedges or classic pumps. Mary Jane knee-high boots are also available and in high-demand. Catch some classy designs from your favorite boutiques and nearby malls.

Brightly-colored wedge pumps are more popular to younger age group. It simply projects how playful the teens are. But women of all ages can try mixing and matching up their outfit with attractive shoes. Poppy red satin styles, chic gold-tone metal, neon stripes and a lot more are really worth-wearing! Being gorgeous has never been this easy with feminine shoes.

If you are not fan of 2-5 inches-high, try patent low wedge pumps. Cork wedge pump are sometimes more preferred than sky-high heels. Adventurous designs feature leopard and zebra prints, floral and abstract prints, classic prints and more. There are also wedges in circular cut. This make the platform simpler than usual with basic colors such as silver, black, brown and white. Funky and cools shoes are easy to find! What more, the black tarmatic wedge can fit in for formal and special occasions.

Mary Jane Black Pump