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Prom Night Tips

Below are some of the suggestions for making that night really special:

  • First, think of what your overall look will be at least two months before the occasion.  Check hairstyles from various magazines or by searching the web to know the right hairdo that will suit you.
  • Surf the internet for different prom dresses you may like to wear. If you want to go to nearby malls better if you bring someone with you, like friends or family to help you decide for the right evening gowns that will fit you perfectly and you could also compare prices to pick those that suit your budget.

Mini Length Strapless Sashes Prom Dress

  • Make salon appointments two months before the date of your prom. Making appointments during the prom season is an unwise thing to do since most salons will be full. You will have the opportunity to choose your favorite hairstyle and the hair stylist that can do it right if you book the appointment ahead of time.
  • Same with your nails and make-up, try to make prior arrangements before the date of your prom. This will provide you more alternatives to choose the place you want and to spend wisely since prom season can become expensive if you are on a budget.
  • There are many prom night dinner offers that you can go with your friends to or your prom date that are not pricey to help you enjoy the evening but it would be better if you make a reservation one month before the date. Also, It would be good if you also have transportation to pick you and your friends up for going to your favorite dinner place.
  • Decide on your final look three weeks before your prom night. You should have already bought your prom dress, shoes and accessories with your chosen hairstyle by this time. You may also match your dress with your shoes or other accessories and even the tie of your prom date.

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Be A Princess For A Night – Ideas For A Cheap Prom Dress

The most memorable part of high school is prom night. Prom is one school event that all high school girls are looking forward to. It is the night that they will feel like princess or a VIP by wearing beautiful gowns and dresses.

However, the perfect dress may not have the perfect price. It could be expensive. Or, if you have the ideal dress in your mind, any local store does not have the design that you want. How can you have a perfect prom night if you can’t have the perfect prom dress?

You can have the perfect prom dress in your mind, without having to spend a lot. Here are some tips to have a perfect but inexpensive dress for your prom night.

Cheap Short Sweetheart Prom Dress• Find cheap prom dresses online. Chances are, there are online stores that sell gowns and dresses at a very low price. You can even choose the design that you want for your prom dress.
• Look for secondhand prom dress. You can find a classic vintage dress at a local vintage shop, or even a dress in mint condition at a local secondhand thrift store.
• You can borrow a dress from someone you know –maybe your sister, your friend, cousin, or even your mom! Just raid their closet to see if there’s a dress that you can borrow.
• Steer clear from dresses that’s trendy. Go for a more classic look. Trendy dresses tend to be more expensive.
• It’s better to plan ahead. Buy a dress a few months before the prom. When prom season is coming near, the prices of gowns and dresses will be higher than usual.
• If you have an old, nice dress, you can make it new by accessorizing it. You can add ruffles on it, cut the hem up to the knee, add nice embroidery or studs on it, or even add lace on it. You can be creative in making your old dress look like new.
• If you are skilled, why not create your prom dress from scratch? You can find cheap but quality fabric from stores, and make your own prom dress. Not only is it cheaper, you would be able to wear the design that you really want. You can find the design that you want from magazines or online, and make it on your own.
• Swap dresses with you friends. You can wear what they wore last year, and vice versa.
• Discount shops offer a variety of selection at a really low price. You can visit your local discount store to get the dress you will wear for your prom.

No matter which dress you wear for that special night, always be confident. Enjoy this special night, for this is once in a lifetime. You can be a princess in any dress that you wear as long as you wear it proudly. Prom nights will always be a memorable night for every girl, so just enjoy your prom night, and always remember that you are beautiful no matter how expensive or cheap that dress you are wearing.

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