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Different Scents For A Unique You

To look good, you must also smell good. Your scent can have a lasting impression to the people you socialize with. It is very important to choose the right perfume that will best suit you.

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There are different scents of perfume available. Each have distinct smell that can reflect your personality. Different types of scents can be categorized into different categories.

Citrus scents are derived from citrus fruits like orange, lemon, grapefruit or mandarin. It has a tangy scent that gives a naturally refreshing and lively feeling. Citrus scented perfumes can be used for brunches or afternoon tea party.

Fruity scents have a sweet and fresh scent. It also gives a refreshing feeling. It is derived from the oil essence of fruits such as strawberry, cherries, apple and peaches. This type of perfume can be used during romantic dates, breakfast meetings or business events.

Floral scents are the most common type of perfumes. They are derived from the essence of fragrant flowers such as jasmine, rose, lily, lavender and cherry blossoms. It gives a sweet and romantic vibe, and enhances one’s femininity. Floral scents can be used on special occasions such as wedding. You can also use this perfume if you feel on showing more of your girly side.

Oriental perfumes have a strong, musky and animalistic scent. They can be made from amber . This type of scent can give you a warm, sensual, exotic, mysterious and luxurious feeling. Oriental scents are best used for evening wear. They are made from amber base notes paired together with ancient spices or floral fragrances.

Green scents are made for outdoorsy or sporty type of women. This type of scent includes fresh scents from juniper, pine, and other types of herbs. It gives you a feeling of being energetic and being always on the go. This is best used as an everyday scent.

Chypre, which means Cyprus in French, gives out a woody and mossy scent. It is usually made from the base notes of barks and moss such as bergamot, oak moss and labdanum. It gives out an impression of being strong and brave, and can be worn for work.

Aquatic perfumes have the scent that depicts the nature. It is made out of a blend of synthetic elements that depicts the air, mountains, and even water. It gives out an impression of being clean and efficient. This type of perfume is perfect for job interviews, or meeting important people.

There are other types of perfumes available in the market. You can also for branded ones such as lacoste perfume in Australia and tommy hilfiger perfume. The trick is to try it out yourself to see if the perfume compliments you. Be sure to choose the perfume that would suit an occasion or the activity that you’ll be doing for the day.