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Choosing Asian-inspired Clothing for the Slim Women

Asian-made clothing has been one of the most trending pieces of fashion for women in this era. There are so many retailers who have been covering all points of selling either via import or over the internet. Fashion pieces made by South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand and India have been sold over the globe because these clothing provide such a wide variety of options. There are clothes to fit women that cover all kinds of occasion yet have that Asian twist that transcends culture. However, for lean and slim women, they have to consider some tips when shopping for these types of clothing.

Choosing Asian-inspired Clothing for the Slim Women

The Hourglass Feature of a Woman

Needless to say that slim women boast of a waist line that compliment the way they wear dresses. Some designers mentioned that clothing fit women better not because they look like skinny models, but because their shoulders and hips flatter their waist. This is what they call the hourglass. When choosing Asian-inspired or created clothes, slim women need to find pieces that would create this balance among her shoulders, waist and hips. The Koreans and Japanese have layering pieces of fashion that can boost an area (shoulder or hips) depending on what needed to be emphasized. If the highlighted area are the hips accessories like belts or beads can do the talking. If shoulders need a boost, they have created dangling pieces of accessory that would go well with the outfit.

Height Matters

For the petite, slim women there is much wider array of Asian clothing that suit them well. The Thais have a lot of printed tops that have been fused with elegance and simplicity that go so well with plain tights or skinny pants. Though some of their creations are more appropriate for the casual wear, if matched with a classy cardigan or vivid blazer it will do a petite women good during night outs and parties. For the taller ones, an Indian traditional piece of clothing called the Salwar Kameez is a chic innovation. This two-piece attire comes in different lengths for both the top and pants, and has a broad range of colors and sizes to fit taller, slim women.

Style and Innocence Combined

Sometimes, the level of liberty that western women project in their clothing is one of a kind. For those wanting to be different yet exude elegance just the same, Chinese buttoned-up dresses will come in handy. It flaunts a slim woman’s curves without having to show too much skin. These types of dresses come in different lengths, varying sleeve designs and art or beadwork that will suit so many occasions. With all these creation, this is the best time for slim women to exude confidence in the way they wear clothes. They are no longer confined in their own culture’s way of fashion, but they can find some great pieces that also say too much about a different culture.