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Perfect Women’s Shoes For Any Occasion

Women’s shoes are perfect to add more style to any outfit. Invest in good pairs that last long and are fashionable. Shoes vary from sandals to boots depending on what women desire to have in their shoe closet.  Be trendy and unique by choosing the perfect ones that fit. Here several ideas on which shoes to buy for different occasions.

Perfect Women’s Shoes For Any Occasion

Tips in shoe shopping

  • When wearing evening gowns, wear stilettos. Classic designs are easier to match with any style or color of gowns. Don’t wear shoes that are old thinking the gown will cover it. Think about comfort since you will be wearing it the whole night.
  • Strappy low cut shoes can be slimming compared to closed toed ones. For the evening wear, choose also either sling back or shoes with angled straps. If you want to add more comfort to high heels then put silicon padding on the soles so that they are gentler on your feet.
  • When wearing suits or trousers for evening event, women can wear flat or low heeled shoes especially when they are tall. This is more comfortable than high-heeled shoes.
  • Dressy fabrics, patent leather, silk, satin or beaded style of shoes are better than matte leather for an evening shoe. Select the best style for your gown.
  • Sandals are normally worn during summer days. Liven up any casual wear with bright colored sandals.
  • Wear neutral colored flats like khaki, beige or nude when you are wearing colorful clothes.
  • There are shoes that are fun to wear like ballet flats or wedges. Ballet flats are perfectly paired with short skirts and slim trousers that are cropped.
  • Some women prefer wedges to make them look taller. These also make your calves look slimmer.
  • Roman sandals and leather thongs are great with caftans, tunic dresses and summer linens. They are comfortable to walk around especially when travelling.
  • Wear boots when it is raining to protect your feet from getting wet. Choose from ankle, mid length or knee length boots.
  • Wear rubbershoes when going for an exercise or doing other rigorous activities.

Make sure the sandals you buy are the perfect fit. Visit several shoe stores before purchasing one. Check the size and wear them in the stores to know if they are comfortable enough to wear. It doesn’t have to cost so much as long as it is durable, has great style and last long enough to be worn every single day.

Tips to Have Prettier Feet

If you’re not able to wear those fashionable stilletos or latest open-toe sandals because you have a not-so-pretty feet, then it’s about time to do something about it! There are different factors why you usually get feet problems such as dry and cracking skin. It could be due to genetics, weather, footwear and other factors.

High Heels

If you want to improve the condition of your tired feet, here are some tips:

1. 15-minute foot soak
Soaking your feet in warm water for fifteen minutes can soften the skin. Scrubbing it can also remove dead skin cells to reveal a healthier skin.

2. Cut and shape your toe nails
By cutting and shaping your nails regularly, you can avoid ingrown nails. Your feet will also be more attractive if your nails are properly trimmed.

3. Use nail creams
There are over the counter solution for your dry and brittle nails. You may use them or choose strengthening oils to restore healthy nails.

4. Keep your feet fresh
Avoid smelly feet by using foot powders if necessary. There are also foot scrubs with peppermint and eucalyptus oil to keep your feet feeling fresh and odor-free.

5. Give your feet a break
You should know when high-heels and ballet-flats would work for you. Everything should be done in moderation so if you’ve just worn killer heels the whole day, make sure you give your feet a good rest at the end of the day. Foot massage can do the trick. And make sure that you won’t be wearing the same heels again the next day to give recuperating time for your feet.

6. Get the right shoe size
When buying shoes, make sure that you fit it right. The best time to buy shoes is by the afternoon since you’ll get your actual footsize that during any other time of the day. It is important for your footwear to be comfortable. If they are too tight, it can cause torns and callouses which could be unsightly.

Vintage Is Old: It’s Time For Some Heritage Style

The word ‘vintage’ is one that’s bandied about a lot today, to the point where it can almost be used as a synonym for ‘second-hand’ or ‘pre-loved’. Girlfriends and their magazines will swoon over ‘vintage designer’ finds, when really they’ve just raided their grandmother’s wardrobe. In fact, the word is really just a euphemism for ‘old’ or ‘retro’.

Adidas Originals is a branch of the famous sportswear brand that dresses athletes and celebrities alike; its mission statement is to be a ‘heritage collection’. That means that it sports the original Trefoil Adidas logo – which since 1997 does not come as standard on all products – and looks back to earlier Adidas designs between the 1940s and the 1980s for inspiration. Unlike those moth-eaten ‘vintage’ finds from yet another flea market, Adidas Originals is living and breathing, and continually growing.

In 2011, rapper Snoop Dogg teamed up with Adidas to design a pair of signature trainers, or ‘sneakers’ as they’re called on the other side of the pond. The resulting pair paid homage to the LA Lakers basketball team with their yellow and purple stripes. That same year, the label commissioned five Australian artists to design unique pieces of artwork to be displayed in selected stores across Australia. Each piece was eventually given away to a lucky fan of the brand.

With the Olympics fast approaching, it’s the brand to be seen in. Investing in a classic pair of Adidas Originals trainers will set you on the right track. You can easily search for the right style and size: if it’s a pair of Sambas or red striped Gazelles you’re after, just search for Adidas Originals size 8, for example, and they’re at your fingertips. The brand new Nizza Lo Men’s Trainers are perfect for summer casual wear, and will see you through the long-awaited London Olympics festivities and beyond.

Adidas red striped Gazelles

Adidas red striped Gazelles

As Adidas launches The Albert – the official ball to be used at the 2012 Olympic Games football tournament – it seems only right to kick back while wearing a pair of brightly coloured Adidas Originals Men’s Vintage Trainers. Just remember: they’re not really ‘vintage’ or ‘old’. They’re heritage Originals.

Hot Styles: Open-Toe Sandals and Pumps

Women tend to be very particular when it comes to what they wear especially when it comes to footwear. They are not satisfied with just buying anything that they come across. They want to make sure that they are spending their money for something that is really worth it and long-lasting.

Women wear a variety of shoes depending on their plans for a day or if there is a particular occasion or event that they will be attending. Brand, design, the materials used, the heels are but a few factors that they consider when shopping around for footwear. As of recent, open-toe sandals have been catching the attention of women. From the simple and classical Mary Jane sandals comes a new batch of edgier styles which incorporates the idea of romance, dreaminess and whim.

Mary Jane’s Type Z Gypsy is one of the most popular footwear that ladies choose to wear. It has trimmed laces with some designed with ribbons and bow ties. Some models are also trimmed with ruffles and pleats. Not only can it emphasize a girl’s neatly polished toes but it is comfortable to the feet. Various designs are available for girls to enjoy such as Broadway Sizzle Shoes and silver glitter accompanied by a metallic bow. Another one is the funky leopard-printed pump! Of course accompanying it with the right clothing can make a lady more beautiful.

Mary Jane Pump

Women these days have grown more conscious of what they wear and what style applies to them and it is no different when it comes to picking the right footwear for them.

The Right Type of Shoes

You always want to be stylish and trendy, now how will you choose your shoes and make sure that your footwear won’t let you down?

When going outdoors, wedges and platforms offer the best comfort and relaxed look. The added architectural heights will make you more classy. Same thing when attending cocktail party. Invest on high-heels because few inches can really make a big difference with your projection. Stilettos are best confidence-boosters! However, when clubbing, it is better to go for closed-shoes. Nothing beats the killer boots. Be stylish with one of a kind footwear that will show off your gams.

If you’re working, you probably spend most of your time at the office. So it will be good to get a timeless pair such as pumps with embellishment. It will match well with your office attire and casual getup.

Blue Shoes

Who won't love BLUE?

For formal occasion, delicate styles with unique details are recommended. Sating and sparkly pairs are ideal for wedding and other special occaions.

And when shopping (especially when shopping for new shoes) go for comfortable flats. They relax your toes plus it is easier to fit the shoes you’d like to buy.