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Post-Valentine Looks to Try

The month of love is not yet over so why not shower yourselves with trendy pieces to keep the romance burning. Feel great and worthy with this selection:

1. Go casual and sexy with maxi dress. Long flowy dresses can be reallt cool and if you will go for sleeveless, you’ll feel fresher.

2. Explore the goodness of flat shoes. They can be a real foot saver! Look for posh and practical shoes for everyday wear.

3. Pick accessories with brighter colors. Earrings and bracelets can be real eye-candy if you mix and match them well.

4. Put on shimmering and dazzling makeup to keep that happy and lively vibe!

Maxi Dress and Flats

Maxi Dress and Flats

Fashion Trend for 2015

Happy new year everyone!

It’s already January 2012 but the parties might not be over yet! And because of that, you have to continuously upgrade your wardrobe with fashionable dresses, accessories and must-have items for 2015!

Aside from your clothes, jewelry is a staple item that you shouldn’t dismiss since the trend keeps repeating itself.

Fashion Trend for 2012
For fabulous find this new year, visit etsy.com!

Fashion Statement

The role of clothing these days is more than just a necessity. With lots of clothes being designed every day, with plenty of details and accentuation added to them, with many critics scrutinizing the design, indeed, each piece of clothing can be one luxurious item. Fashion, however is not just about the appearance of clothing and accessories. It has something to do with confidence, too.

So, how do you make a fashion statement the moment you enter a room filled with people? When facing a big crowd? When put in a spotlight?

Should you always follow the trend?

Remember, fashion styles come and go. What is trendy today, might be out tomorrow. What’s rubbish yesterday, might be so in-demand and popular the next day! With this setting, keep in mind to keep the clothes and accessories you currently have. You can even mix and match different stuff to be more fashionable. Be resourceful and creative. A truly fashionable person can carry his or herself well whatever she’s wearing. Furthermore, he or she can make the most out of his or her wardrobe.

Fashion is not solely seen in catwalks or runways… It is in YOU.

Fashion Hallway

Fashion Sense!

Moving forward, since this “fashion” thing captures the attention of women more than men, this Fashion Halls will probably focus more on women’s fashion.

Go Outdoors with Fashionable Summer Accessories!

Have you ever felt worried about being not so fashionable when traveling or doing some outdoor activities? You just have to know the basics and you should be good to go. Focus on the most important things first then the miscellaneous stuff can follow.

If you’re feeling like a beach babe or a travel buddy, don’t forget to pack your things early and include the following:

1. Sun Dresses

Sun Dress
Choose wrinkle-free sundresses for your convenience. Nobody would want their perfect summer clothes in mess once they pull them out in their luggage. Linen-made clothes are surely perfect for summer but one must have an ironing board in order to enjoy it. Unfortunately, no traveler will dare to bring an ironing board in the span of their travel. Wrinkle-free fabrics are designed for travel. Roll it, put it in the luggage to save space and when pulled out, they’re good as new! Go for the blends of bamboo, spandex, cotton, and polyester.

2. “Utility” jewelry

Bracelet and Watch in OneA “utility” jewelry is not just an ordinary jewelry. From the word itself, utility, it fits for all occasions and style. It is not needed to have different sets of matching jewelry for every outfit. Aside the fact that it is impractical; it also increases the chance that the owner will lose it. Utility jewelry can be a bangle watch that can also be a bracelet; a simple gold or silver hoop earring; a silver, gold, or neutral-colored cuff bracelet; a silver or gold chain necklace with a tasteful charm; and a muti-colored beaded necklace.

3. Fashionable tote

Fashionable Tote
Carry everything you need in a single bag when going outdoors. Choose tote bags that are fashionable and made of light-weight materials. Carefully place your towels, toiletries and makeup kit in your tote bag. It should have compartments to hold your summer skincare essentials, swimwear or basic undergarments.

4. Sun glasses and Hats

Sun Glasses and Hats
Going out is the sun will always be a part of travelling. When travelling, you shouldn’t forget protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Wear a sunglass to protect your eyes. Losing is easy when you’re out so you can opt for bringing cheaper sunglasses. You wouldn’t want to cry when your designer sunglass lost. Another way of protecting your skin is with the use of sun hat. Wrinkle-free sun hats are available in the market. You can just fold it or just squish it into your bag.

Fashionable Summer Hats for Your Protection

Fashionable Summer HatOver the past three decades, skin cancer became the most common form of cancer. The numbers of skin cancer patients are greater than all cancer patients combined. About 90 percent of these skin cancers are associated with the exposure of Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun. Other than that, sun damage can also cause premature aging of the skin. Protecting the skin from the harmful UV rays can be done with simple things like avoiding staying under the sun for too long and applying sun protection. How about the face, head and neck? These parts are often neglected when it comes to sun protection. This should be alarming considering the fact that a third of all skin cancers starts at the face, around the neck, and ears.

In order to be protected, one can wear a hat. Keep in mind that the hat one should wear must not only be fashionable but should also provide protection. Among the factors to consider when buying a summer hat are brim size, material used, brim shape and colors.

Aside from these four main factors, one should also consider the type of active he/she will engage in as well as the climate when choosing the appropriate sun hat. If you are into travelling, Tilley hats are for you! It comes with a secret Velcro pocket that is perfect for storing small belongings. If you’re going to a beach or pool, waterproof hats are perfect for your needs. It floats and is even waterproof.

Women’s sun hats are designed for all the women. Mixing fashion and protection is now as easy as 1,2,3! If you’re looking for a stylish yet appropriate for your need sun hats, better check what we have in store for you!

Fashionable and Comfortable Summer Shoes

Women’s feet are considered to be one of the most stressed parts of the body. During work, the feet are usually stuff in uncomfortable closed shoes, super high heels, and tight boots. Summer time is almost here. Say goodbye now to stress and say hello to vacation! Vacation means travelling, shopping, non-stop walking outdoors, and of course, relaxation. Surely, women’s feet are rejoicing because they’ll be out of those uncomfortable shoes.

True enough, shoes are designed to carry women whenever they go. Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”That is true for most of the women out there. But, you may want to look on the other side. How can a girl conquer the world with her shoes if her feet were hurting because of the shoes itself?

Honestly speaking, most shoes are designed only for fashion – not for comfort. If you want to be beautiful, you have to feel and later on, overcome the pain. Most shoes don’t accommodate the feet the right way in case there are bumps or blisters. One common problem is the “Hammer Toes”. It forms corns on the toes because of wearing closed shoes. Another is the “Bunion”, it cause joint pain in the toe because of wearing closed shoes. Both problems occurred because of the pressure applied to the big toe, forcing it inwards and towards the shoes.

You must know your right shoe size to find the most comfortable shoes. Consider the type of shoes and material used as well. Here are some fashionable and comfortable summer shoes that you can buy:

1. Michael Kors Plate Jelly Sandals

Michael Kors Plate Jelly Sandals
2. Clarks Women’s Lexi Jasmine Sandals

Clarks Women's Lexi Jasmine Sandals
3. Alfani Draper Bit Drivers

Alfani Draper Bit Drivers
4. Bandolino Adecyn Flat Sandals

Bandolino Adecyn Flat Sandals
5. Karen Scott Carolton Pumps

Karen Scott Carolton Pumps

There are more summer shoes available at macys.com.

Shoe Shopping: Shop Online or Shoe Stores

A lot of stores nowadays have put up their online stores for the convenience of their customers. It would be easy for their customers to choose a variety from their stocks online, buy them using their credit cards, and have their goods delivered. However, there are some products that are exception when it comes to buying online – and that is a pair of shoes.

Befashionable Shoes

Some people are still not comfortable buying their shoes online. There are several reasons as to why most people would prefer to but their shoes at a local wholesale store.

• There are varieties of choices that you can make at a very affordable price.
• Wholesale stores carry branded shoes at a much lower price. They are discounted, and sometimes wholesale stores have would have sales which makes the shoes much cheaper.
• You can buy a variety of shoes available in wholesale stores. Wholesale stores carries a lot of brand of shoes, and you can choose the style of shoe that you can buy.
• You can easily see the stocks that are available and ready for you to buy.
• You can try to fit the shoe before you decide to buy them. You can actually see how the shoe would look like on your feet, if it would look good on you.
• You can actually see the shoe itself. You can see the actual color, size and style.
• Once you decide to buy the shoes, you don’t have to wait for days to have it delivered to you.
• You can have the opinion from the salesperson on the shoe that you are going to buy – whether it would be a good brand, if it looks good on you, or if it will last long.
• You don’t have to pay for additional fees like delivery fee or additional taxes.
• There is no risk of scam from wholesale stores. You can either pay with your credit card or cash in hand. Once you made the purchase, you can go home with the shoe that you bought.
• You can thoroughly inspect the shoe before buying them. You can check for any damages and tear.
• It is easier to return and exchange the shoe you bought from the store that the ones you bought online.

Although a lot of stores nowadays have their online stores as well, some wholesale stores don’t have one. You can browse online for the type of shoes you want to buy, and then go to your local store to see if it’s available. Who knows, you might even find a gem of a shoe amidst the variety of shoes they have there.

Be A Princess For A Night – Ideas For A Cheap Prom Dress

The most memorable part of high school is prom night. Prom is one school event that all high school girls are looking forward to. It is the night that they will feel like princess or a VIP by wearing beautiful gowns and dresses.

However, the perfect dress may not have the perfect price. It could be expensive. Or, if you have the ideal dress in your mind, any local store does not have the design that you want. How can you have a perfect prom night if you can’t have the perfect prom dress?

You can have the perfect prom dress in your mind, without having to spend a lot. Here are some tips to have a perfect but inexpensive dress for your prom night.

Cheap Short Sweetheart Prom Dress• Find cheap prom dresses online. Chances are, there are online stores that sell gowns and dresses at a very low price. You can even choose the design that you want for your prom dress.
• Look for secondhand prom dress. You can find a classic vintage dress at a local vintage shop, or even a dress in mint condition at a local secondhand thrift store.
• You can borrow a dress from someone you know –maybe your sister, your friend, cousin, or even your mom! Just raid their closet to see if there’s a dress that you can borrow.
• Steer clear from dresses that’s trendy. Go for a more classic look. Trendy dresses tend to be more expensive.
• It’s better to plan ahead. Buy a dress a few months before the prom. When prom season is coming near, the prices of gowns and dresses will be higher than usual.
• If you have an old, nice dress, you can make it new by accessorizing it. You can add ruffles on it, cut the hem up to the knee, add nice embroidery or studs on it, or even add lace on it. You can be creative in making your old dress look like new.
• If you are skilled, why not create your prom dress from scratch? You can find cheap but quality fabric from stores, and make your own prom dress. Not only is it cheaper, you would be able to wear the design that you really want. You can find the design that you want from magazines or online, and make it on your own.
• Swap dresses with you friends. You can wear what they wore last year, and vice versa.
• Discount shops offer a variety of selection at a really low price. You can visit your local discount store to get the dress you will wear for your prom.

No matter which dress you wear for that special night, always be confident. Enjoy this special night, for this is once in a lifetime. You can be a princess in any dress that you wear as long as you wear it proudly. Prom nights will always be a memorable night for every girl, so just enjoy your prom night, and always remember that you are beautiful no matter how expensive or cheap that dress you are wearing.

Image credit: 1stPromDress.com

Hottest Brands For Your Very Own Sunglasses

Being hooked with the lifestyle of some famous Hollywood celebrities can really be bothersome. Trying to look like Angelina Jolie, Victoria Beckham, Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise can really be an extravagant hobby. But as of the moment, purchasing your very own designer sunglasses can enhance your looks. In fact, it would not be erroneous to state that sunglasses are the main accessory which accentuates the hot and sexy looks of these celebrities.

Browsing all over the World Wide Web will help you to find the most affordable sunglasses of your choice. Be patient and you’ll be able to get the best discounts. Consequently, the inevitable question arises- which is the best brand that you should buy?


Prada Sunglasses

Founded by Mario Prada in 1913, Prada is an Italian fashion company. In the beginning, Mario Prada developed unique and creative handbag, shoe and suitcase designs. Today the company has expanded the product line to include everything from clothing and sunglasses to watches and jewelry.

Prada sunglasses employ the highest level of technology and craftsmanship to manufacture sophisticated designs of sunglasses which have found many admirers. The use of exquisite embellishments on the temples lends a regal look to the person sporting Prada shades. When it comes to purchasing celebrity sunglasses, this is the preferred favorite of the high society.

Celebrities seen wearing Prada Sunglasses include Cameron Diaz, Uma Thurman, Jessica Simpson, Vince Vaughn, Mary-Kate Olsen, Nicole Richie and Jon Bon Jovi. Luxottica is the licensed manufacturer of Prada Sunglasses.


Gucci was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci in Florence Italy. They are known for their handbags and leather goods with the distinctive “GG” logo as well as cosmetics, skin care, jewelry, watches and eyewear. Gucci has about 200 company-owned and franchised stores worldwide with a strong presence in Asia.

The main feature of Gucci sunglasses is their bedazzling look which has captivated the heart of many a person. One glance and you will instantly fall in love with the innovative fusion of unique designs and brilliant colors. Gucci sunglasses are available in different shapes and sizes, thus providing a wide range of models to fit every person. Hugely popular among Hollywood starlets, it is the brand to buy when considering celebrity sunglasses.

Celebrities spotted wearing Gucci Sunglasses include Jennifer Aniston, Carmen Electra, Christina Aguilera, Halle Berry and Teri Hatcher. Safilo is the licensed manufacturer of Gucci Sunglasses.


Fashion designer Christian Dior founded his main house of couture in Paris, France in 1946. In the 1950’s he created the short waistless sack dress and introduced the A-line dress in 1956. This led to the creation of international merchandising labels for gloves, furs, and jewelry and, now, sunglasses. Since the death of Dior, the firm continued under Yves St. Laurent, Marc Bohan, and Gianfranco Ferre.

The amount of acclaim and praise that it has garnered over the years speak volumes of the brand’s commitment towards satisfaction and style. Whether it is their vintage inspired collection or recent contemporary designs, it has always been a clear favorite in the designer sunglasses market. If you don’t want to compromise on the glamour quotient, then Dior is the right choice for you.

The brand has been modernized to reflect the latest trends in sunglass fashions and is one of Hollywood’s most popular brands worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry, David Beckham and Ashton Kutcher. The licensed manufacturer of Christian Dior Sunglasses is Safilo.

These three are not the only brands available in the market but most celebrities vouch for their quality. Save money. Select the sunglasses that suit you well. You can also buy cheap sunglasses. Have fun!

Fashionable Types Of Lingerie For Ladies

Whenever people hear the word lingerie, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the sexy and voluptuous Victoria’s secret models desired by men and women alike. The concept of lingerie started in the late nineteenth century when Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile develops the sexy piece of garment and freed women from the more restrictive corsets. From there, this piece of clothing has gone a long way and is now available in various shapes and styles.

Following are some of the most common types of lingerie for ladies:

Baby Doll Nightie
This type of lingerie is very fashionable and cute. Usually, it is comprised of a short gown with a built in, bra-like cups and a loose flowing skirt. Commonly, this type of lingerie is made of silk, nylon or a sheer material.

If you want a more exotic look, why not pick a bustier. This type of clothing is a sexy strapless bra that goes down to the waist. The bustier is often made of silk and other shiny material. It is like a corset that contours and shapes the torso.

If you want a simple yet sexy night wear, try the chemise. This type of lingerie is very popular. It is straight cut and it goes down just above the knee. It uses a very thin material with spaghetti-like straps that can be adjusted.

If you are wondering what is behind Dita Von Teese sexy waist, probably it is genetics or perhaps the corset she is always wearing. Corsets are tight fitting piece of garment. It is used to contour and to slim the torso. The corset is available in different types the plastic boning, steel boning and the double boned corsets.

Yes – the bra. It is one of the most common pieces of lingerie found in any woman’s wardrobe. The bra provides support to the breasts and at the same time enhances a woman’s appearance. Bras come in different shapes and styles as well. The most popular are the minimizer bra, sports bra, strapless bra, t-shirt bra, the balconette and the push up bra. Underwire bras also fall under women’s top pick. If you want to impress, just pick a bra with a sexy color and design and you will never go wrong.

Surely, there are many brilliant selections of lingerie for the ladies on the market. There are also plenty of ways to save more while shopping and one of them is checking online promos like bendon bra sale. When buying an undergarment, make sure that you choose a trusted lingerie seller. Also, choose the right size for your body. Remember that eighty percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. You wouldn’t want to be part of that.