Asian’s Fashion Sense

The world of fashion has gone through many evolutions. From the all-wrapped up ladies and gents of the medieval era to the shorter styles of clothing of today’s generation—fashion speaks for the history More »

Prom Night Tips

Below are some of the suggestions for making that night really special: First, think of what your overall look will be at least two months before the occasion.  Check hairstyles from various More »

Be A Model

Modeling is a special talent. Fortunately the talent can be taught. There are many places in the UK willing to teach and train a person to be a great model. There are More »

Perfect Women’s Shoes For Any Occasion

Women’s shoes are perfect to add more style to any outfit. Invest in good pairs that last long and are fashionable. Shoes vary from sandals to boots depending on what women desire More »

Perfect Sunglasses For Different Face Shapes

Protect the eyes and the skin surrounding it by wearing oversized sunglasses. Especially during the summer season when the sun is at its peak, too much sun exposure can cause premature wrinkles More »

Silver Jewelry Is Exquisite

Silver being very malleable and ductile can be shaped to a large number of intricate jewelry designs and designers love to work on silver. The cost of silver in the present day market is almost as much as six hundred times lesser than that of gold. This means that silver can be afforded by more number of people which in turn means that there are a lot of creative people who design especially for 925 silver jewelry. This makes the variety even more attractive than gold. The affordability of silver allows both the low and high budget buyers to experiment.

If you are the kind of buyer who has a large budget then there are several artfully created jewelry sets for you from which you can pick and choose. In the high budget range the cost of designing the jewels may exceed the worth of the silver used but they are well worth the expenses. On the other hand if you are the kind of buyer who thinks twice before spending, you too will be spoilt for choice amidst the lovely silver jewels that adorn the display case. So no matter whom you are or what your budget is there is jewelry set in silver waiting for you!

Silver jewelry is also known to hold a large value if it is an antique piece and the burnished look that ancient silver possesses only seems to increase its beauty. Silver ring jewelrylooks excellent both on the young as well as the old. It gives a sense of maturity and exclusiveness to the young and adds a touch of elegance to the elderly users thereby making it timeless in its elegance.

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Top 5 Things To Take With You On a Summer Getaway

We all know how stressful it is to try and pack everything you’ll need for that well-deserved break. What if the weather changes? Have I gone over the baggage allowance?

Here’s a rundown of some holiday essentials to help with your packing, including some tips and tricks to reduce your portable wardrobe.

1. Comfortable shoes

The one-stop shop is the key here. Packing a shoe to suit every need would be difficult, so save valuable space by taking something you can use for different occasions. Ladies could try a strappy sandal from Dune, which perfectly crosses the line between smart and casual. And gents can’t go wrong with a classic Timberland boat shoe – suitable for the beach and the bar.

Timberland Mad River Sandals

Timberland Mad River Sandals: Fashionable and Comfortable

2. Swimwear


Swimwear takes up very little room, so ladies can afford to take a few options. Consider saving even more room by taking a nice reversible number. Gents should be able to make do with just one or two pairs, but make sure you break them in with a few laps at the pool before you go to avoid any discomfort.

3. A loose shirt

A loose shirt is perfect for hot summer days when you want to keep the sun off your skin without feeling too warm. Choose a light colour that will reflect the sun and keep you cool. Select a shirt with a slightly-tailored feel to double up as part of your restaurant-ready evening wear.

4. A light jacket

Everyone likes to sit out in the evenings on holiday, but there’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy your fresh seafood while you’re feeling a little chilly. Take a lightweight, warm jacket to use when the sun goes down. A denim jacket is a smart option, and can easily be combined with different outfits for day and evening wear.

5. A good hat

Often overlooked, a nice hat can do wonders for keeping the sun out of your eyes. It can also hide that matted beach hair if you fancy enjoying a cool cocktail straight after an active day on the sand!

Top tip to remember when you come back from your holiday: make a note of what you wore most, that way you’ll find it far easier to pack next time!

Be Sexy this Spring with the Buttercup Short!

With lots on ongoing sale this spring season, shopping online has never been so exciting! You might check out Lilly Pulitzer ( to join the buttercup shorts craze!

Buttercup Shorts for Spring

Lots of cute and sweetly printed bottoms to choose from. Enjoy a fresher spring with this great selection. And here’s the best part – free shipping on all orders.

Must-Have Trendy Pieces

Must-Have Trendy Pieces Fashion Halls

1. Metallic shoes
Your kick-ass outfit will look better with the right type of shoes. If you are attending parties or going out for a drink at the night club, a glittery pair of shoes will make you look more attractive and fabulous.

2. Frilly dresses
Frills and laces can make girls feel younger and sexier. Get a frilly dress whether for casual wear or shopping outfit.

3. Clear accessories
Crystal-clear accessories will go well on any outfit so make sure you stock up on transparent dangling earrings and bracelets.

4. Pastel tops
Candy colors are sweet and calming. There are lots of trendy tops accentuated with beads or buttons. It can give you a sexier look especially those pieces with sheer accents.

5. Classic colors
Black and white tandem is still in! For a crisp and classic minimalist look, pair your black top with while slacks or vice versa.

6. Pleated skirts
Pleats are sexy and will look more girly when paired with sleeveless tops.

7. Comfty Blazers
Spice up your getup with a lightweight blazer.

8. Bare-shoulder tops and dresses
Be sexy and daring with assymetric cuts! Show more skin by wearing fashionable tops.

Post-Valentine Looks to Try

The month of love is not yet over so why not shower yourselves with trendy pieces to keep the romance burning. Feel great and worthy with this selection:

1. Go casual and sexy with maxi dress. Long flowy dresses can be reallt cool and if you will go for sleeveless, you’ll feel fresher.

2. Explore the goodness of flat shoes. They can be a real foot saver! Look for posh and practical shoes for everyday wear.

3. Pick accessories with brighter colors. Earrings and bracelets can be real eye-candy if you mix and match them well.

4. Put on shimmering and dazzling makeup to keep that happy and lively vibe!

Maxi Dress and Flats

Maxi Dress and Flats

Colored Contact Lenses- A New You Every Day

Colored contact lenses are a great way to jazz up your style and give yourself a new and refreshing look. Colored contact lenses are extremely popular around the world and many people, both male and female, use them on special occasions, parties or sometimes, even for extended use. Colored lenses mainly come in three different kinds of tints- visibility tints, enhancement tints as well as opaque color tints. Visibility tints are just light blue or green tints added over a lens that makes it easier for users to spot it in case it is dropped. A visibility tint does not affect the eye color.

Colored Contact Lenses

An enhancement tint is translucent and is slightly darker than visibility tint. They mainly enhance the existing color of the eye. Opaque color tints are the ones that help one to change the color of one’s eyes with the help of lenses and are available in a variety of attractive colors. There are certain disadvantages associated with colored contact lenses as well. On occasions, the colored portion can slide over the pupil. Additionally, they can occasionally hinder clear vision in dark places or at night. However, the appeal of colored lenses from far outweighs these minor disadvantages.

Fashion Trend for 2015

Happy new year everyone!

It’s already January 2012 but the parties might not be over yet! And because of that, you have to continuously upgrade your wardrobe with fashionable dresses, accessories and must-have items for 2015!

Aside from your clothes, jewelry is a staple item that you shouldn’t dismiss since the trend keeps repeating itself.

Fashion Trend for 2012
For fabulous find this new year, visit!

Fashion Statement

The role of clothing these days is more than just a necessity. With lots of clothes being designed every day, with plenty of details and accentuation added to them, with many critics scrutinizing the design, indeed, each piece of clothing can be one luxurious item. Fashion, however is not just about the appearance of clothing and accessories. It has something to do with confidence, too.

So, how do you make a fashion statement the moment you enter a room filled with people? When facing a big crowd? When put in a spotlight?

Should you always follow the trend?

Remember, fashion styles come and go. What is trendy today, might be out tomorrow. What’s rubbish yesterday, might be so in-demand and popular the next day! With this setting, keep in mind to keep the clothes and accessories you currently have. You can even mix and match different stuff to be more fashionable. Be resourceful and creative. A truly fashionable person can carry his or herself well whatever she’s wearing. Furthermore, he or she can make the most out of his or her wardrobe.

Fashion is not solely seen in catwalks or runways… It is in YOU.

Fashion Hallway

Fashion Sense!

Moving forward, since this “fashion” thing captures the attention of women more than men, this Fashion Halls will probably focus more on women’s fashion.

Bridal Hairstyles Without A Veil

Absence of veil is a permissive and versatile option when it comes to wedding. It allows you to have innovations and experiments. You can add details but you need to know your limits and stick on the same kind.

If you don’t have plan on wearing a veil, you can opt with ultra-short hairstyles. Get a part of the hair using wax then divide it to have volume. You can also go for the wet hair effect. To do this, all you need are your styling gels and your fingers.  If you’re experimenting with pants, you can choose bobs or any asymmetrical with straight and shiny locks with straight bangs.

Short Bridal Hair with Bangs

Bridal hairstyles for short hairs are advantageous in different ways. First, it creates a more creative look for the brides out there. Also, short hairs can be styled faster thus it will save time and effort.

You need to figure out first if you really want to go for short hair or not. Don’t go experimenting if your wedding day is close. The remaining time may not be enough to reverse your hairstyle just in case you did not like what you did. Still, it’s up to you whether you’ll go for short or long hairstyle. Whatever style you choose, don’t forget to be confident and be beautiful on your special day!

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Go Outdoors with Fashionable Summer Accessories!

Have you ever felt worried about being not so fashionable when traveling or doing some outdoor activities? You just have to know the basics and you should be good to go. Focus on the most important things first then the miscellaneous stuff can follow.

If you’re feeling like a beach babe or a travel buddy, don’t forget to pack your things early and include the following:

1. Sun Dresses

Sun Dress
Choose wrinkle-free sundresses for your convenience. Nobody would want their perfect summer clothes in mess once they pull them out in their luggage. Linen-made clothes are surely perfect for summer but one must have an ironing board in order to enjoy it. Unfortunately, no traveler will dare to bring an ironing board in the span of their travel. Wrinkle-free fabrics are designed for travel. Roll it, put it in the luggage to save space and when pulled out, they’re good as new! Go for the blends of bamboo, spandex, cotton, and polyester.

2. “Utility” jewelry

Bracelet and Watch in OneA “utility” jewelry is not just an ordinary jewelry. From the word itself, utility, it fits for all occasions and style. It is not needed to have different sets of matching jewelry for every outfit. Aside the fact that it is impractical; it also increases the chance that the owner will lose it. Utility jewelry can be a bangle watch that can also be a bracelet; a simple gold or silver hoop earring; a silver, gold, or neutral-colored cuff bracelet; a silver or gold chain necklace with a tasteful charm; and a muti-colored beaded necklace.

3. Fashionable tote

Fashionable Tote
Carry everything you need in a single bag when going outdoors. Choose tote bags that are fashionable and made of light-weight materials. Carefully place your towels, toiletries and makeup kit in your tote bag. It should have compartments to hold your summer skincare essentials, swimwear or basic undergarments.

4. Sun glasses and Hats

Sun Glasses and Hats
Going out is the sun will always be a part of travelling. When travelling, you shouldn’t forget protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Wear a sunglass to protect your eyes. Losing is easy when you’re out so you can opt for bringing cheaper sunglasses. You wouldn’t want to cry when your designer sunglass lost. Another way of protecting your skin is with the use of sun hat. Wrinkle-free sun hats are available in the market. You can just fold it or just squish it into your bag.