Fashionable Wear on a Road Trip

Whatever season it is, it’s important to dress up your best when going on a trip. Nothing feels better than being the ultimate roadside attraction. Some of the top picks are net dresses, doily lace tunics, croppped tops and bare-back sheaths.

Road Trip Goddess

Knitted Cashmere Dress + Lacy Flat Shoes

Here are some ways to achieve a sexy and comfortable look:
1. Pair your high-waist jeans with a sleeveless crop top. A cropped top with beads will also look good on footwear with laces.

2. Wear a top with waist-length slit at the back. Pair it with tight jeans and stilettos.

3. Try a zip-down dress and accessorize with pearl earrings and necklace.

4. If you are about to go to the beach, put on a net dress and wear a pair of dainty slippers.

5. If you are going out with your date, go for a corset top with eyelet lace. Knitted dresses are so trendy!

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