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New Year, New Dresses!

Since it is officially 2012, you may want to upgrade your wardrobe to a more stylish one. The trending colors? Red and black!

You can make the most out of red dresses if you will consider your upcoming Valentine’s date. Isn’t it cool to plan ahead?

Red dresses are proven to be eye-catchy and confidence-booster. If you are shopping for party dresses or even casual wear, dresses with the shade of red will be a good choice!

Fashionable Red Dresses

For customized red dresses, you can check out which offers a variety of style, designs and enhancements.

Have a great 2012!

Fashion Radar: Christmas Party Dresses

In less than two months, Christmas will be here. Hence, as early as now, shopping for gifts, accessories and party dresses is a big must. Parties are probably around the corner so it’s about time to prep up and feel the happy vibes of the holiday season.

There would be probably when attending parties but nothing can beat your dramatic entrance when you’re sporting plunging necklines, halter tops or sexy minis. Find a dress that will highlight assets and will make you more comfortable.

Consider these fashionable designs:

1. Bustle in Little Black Dress
Thinking about strapless black minis? Go for a change and choose the one with bustle to accentuate your hips. Belts and bustle above the waist are attractive and can highlight your gorgeous body.

2. Layered Clothing
Be creative and do the usual mix-and-match again. Cocktail dresses, body-fitted vest, hang-in tees and more! Stylish layers can make your party dress cool and unique. This style is also ideal to petite bodies since it gives the illusion of size. Layering can also spice up formal dresses.

3. Shimmering Glow
Detailed dresses look amazing with sparkles and sequins. You don’t have to attach precious metals on your dress to achieve that effect. Sequined dresses can be find easily at the boutiques and online store. You can also go for silve or gold buttons because they are also shiny and sparkling when the lights hit them. Metallic outfits work best during evening parties. They are perfect clubwear!

4. Laces, Frills and Ribbons
These designs really symbolize the Christmas season. Act as if you’re an unwrapped gift! Florals and knitted tops will look good in bubble skirt. See-through dresses can score you numerous Christmas dates!

Christmas Party Dress - Curly, Flowery Dress Strap

Christmas Party Dress - Curly, Flowery Dress Strap

5. Bright Fabric

Christmas is not always red and white. And black is not the only sexy color. Bright colors are eye-catching and can make you shine onstage or at the dance floor. Go for neon! Contrasting hues are also perfect attention-grabber!

Fashionable Stars at Esquire Ball

Celebrity news becomes more interesting when it features hot bodies and pretty faces. Tonight’s Esquire Ball created an online buzz and celebrity photos keep circulating over Twitter and Facebook.

Here are some of them, grabbed from TwitPics (so bear with the image quality):

Anne Curtis at Esquire Ball

Fabulous Anne Curtis: Fresh and Fierce

Just look at her super revealing gown! So sexy and classy! A real head-turner! Thanks to Rajo Laurel. And here’s another one from Rajo Laurel’s collection:

Esquire Ball Divine Lee

Mesmerizing Divine Lee

Esquire Ball Angel Locsin

Simpy Elegant - Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin in Martin Bautista’s beautiful creation is so pretty!

Esquire Ball Maxene Magalona

Cutesy Maxene Magalona

Maxene Magalona exudes hotness in Veejay Floresca’s design.

Esquire Ball Ruffa Gutierrez

Lovi Poe, Miriam Quiambao, Ruffa Gutierrez and Bea Alonzo

And just look at those gorgeous ladies! Their stunning gowns are really eye-catching!

Well, as Raymond Gutierrez defines it, Esquire Ball is like prom night, only sluttier. Yeah, sexier!