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Asian’s Fashion Sense

The world of fashion has gone through many evolutions. From the all-wrapped up ladies and gents of the medieval era to the shorter styles of clothing of today’s generation—fashion speaks for the history it belongs to. And today, Asians are becoming a part of this history. They are not only emerging in music and sports, but also fashion. And the style that Asians has is very true and original to its roots.

Koreans, Indians, and Japanese fashion are evidently blotting history on the map of fashion. The Western world and their neighboring Asian countries are discovering the fashion empires of these countries through their movies, music, and famous celebrities. They leave observers curious of the fashion and the need to try on to the new styles that they are showing.

  • Seoul, Korea is a a shopping destination for tourists and locals alike. Korean pop stars dominating international music charts are seen in their own fashion and the world is getting curious leaving most Westerners thinking, “Their clothes are fabulous!” And that leads the fashion air to Korea. The new generation Korean fashion is different to the traditional in so many ways. Their fashion is noticeably opposite to their traditional clothing and fashion watchers are thinking that they might be scared to mix and match with their contemporary and classic fashion.

Korean Fashion

  • Bollywood is slowly getting noticed by the world. Indians may not be so big in music but their movies are showing the world what Indian fashion is all about. Unlike Korean fashion, Indians are more of risk-takers in terms of fashion. But the risks are all worth it. Their current fashion mirrors what Indians have been wearing in the past which really shows the beauty and colors of their history from before to the present.

Indian Fashion

  • Japan has been in the map for long already—longer than the two countries mentioned above. Japanese movies and music have been in the map since before and people have seen this fashion family grow. “Style is eternal,” as Coco Chanel says and this is what Japanese fashion is showing the world. They are like the Indians who are mixing contemporary and classic—-history and the modern times. The beauty of Japanese watchers can notice is finding the beauty of fashion without showing off too much. Japanese fashion is a perfect mix of the conservatism of its history to the dynamics of the modern fashion world.

Japanese Fashion

Prom Night Tips

Below are some of the suggestions for making that night really special:

  • First, think of what your overall look will be at least two months before the occasion.  Check hairstyles from various magazines or by searching the web to know the right hairdo that will suit you.
  • Surf the internet for different prom dresses you may like to wear. If you want to go to nearby malls better if you bring someone with you, like friends or family to help you decide for the right evening gowns that will fit you perfectly and you could also compare prices to pick those that suit your budget.

Mini Length Strapless Sashes Prom Dress

  • Make salon appointments two months before the date of your prom. Making appointments during the prom season is an unwise thing to do since most salons will be full. You will have the opportunity to choose your favorite hairstyle and the hair stylist that can do it right if you book the appointment ahead of time.
  • Same with your nails and make-up, try to make prior arrangements before the date of your prom. This will provide you more alternatives to choose the place you want and to spend wisely since prom season can become expensive if you are on a budget.
  • There are many prom night dinner offers that you can go with your friends to or your prom date that are not pricey to help you enjoy the evening but it would be better if you make a reservation one month before the date. Also, It would be good if you also have transportation to pick you and your friends up for going to your favorite dinner place.
  • Decide on your final look three weeks before your prom night. You should have already bought your prom dress, shoes and accessories with your chosen hairstyle by this time. You may also match your dress with your shoes or other accessories and even the tie of your prom date.

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Bubble Style Vintage Dresses

Bubble dresses can be in the form of strapless, halter, or spaghetti straps. Bubble dresses are dresses with bubble hem. Bubble hem is the style where there is an elastic band on the base of the dress that gathers the excess fabric. The excess fabric falls over the elastic band, thus, creating the bubble-like appearance. Beyond just being a style, it is also practical to wear especially during the open parties or when travelling during windy days. Why? Because the wind can really blow hard and you don’t have to worry that your dress will be swept by the wind. These casual dresses are usually knee-length, the perfect length for most women. It can be worn during casual occasions or formal parties, depending on the accessories you’ll wear.

Some styles to rock your parties:

1. Black Vintage Style Belt Decoration Lace Bubble Skirt Sundress
It’s not as simple as your little black dress. This is more daring and more detailed so you can flaunt your sexy body.

Black Vintage Dress

2. Elegant Retro Large Hem Waist Bubble Lace Dress
The detailed lace in this black and white bubble dress can give you a dainty look. This is ideal for casual wear or movie dates.

Retro Bubble Dress

3. Vintage Cocktail Dress Gauze Bubble Skirt
Be girly and fresh with floral sleeveless tank top vest with bubble skirt cocktail dress.

Vintage Cocktail Dress

Be A Princess For A Night – Ideas For A Cheap Prom Dress

The most memorable part of high school is prom night. Prom is one school event that all high school girls are looking forward to. It is the night that they will feel like princess or a VIP by wearing beautiful gowns and dresses.

However, the perfect dress may not have the perfect price. It could be expensive. Or, if you have the ideal dress in your mind, any local store does not have the design that you want. How can you have a perfect prom night if you can’t have the perfect prom dress?

You can have the perfect prom dress in your mind, without having to spend a lot. Here are some tips to have a perfect but inexpensive dress for your prom night.

Cheap Short Sweetheart Prom Dress• Find cheap prom dresses online. Chances are, there are online stores that sell gowns and dresses at a very low price. You can even choose the design that you want for your prom dress.
• Look for secondhand prom dress. You can find a classic vintage dress at a local vintage shop, or even a dress in mint condition at a local secondhand thrift store.
• You can borrow a dress from someone you know –maybe your sister, your friend, cousin, or even your mom! Just raid their closet to see if there’s a dress that you can borrow.
• Steer clear from dresses that’s trendy. Go for a more classic look. Trendy dresses tend to be more expensive.
• It’s better to plan ahead. Buy a dress a few months before the prom. When prom season is coming near, the prices of gowns and dresses will be higher than usual.
• If you have an old, nice dress, you can make it new by accessorizing it. You can add ruffles on it, cut the hem up to the knee, add nice embroidery or studs on it, or even add lace on it. You can be creative in making your old dress look like new.
• If you are skilled, why not create your prom dress from scratch? You can find cheap but quality fabric from stores, and make your own prom dress. Not only is it cheaper, you would be able to wear the design that you really want. You can find the design that you want from magazines or online, and make it on your own.
• Swap dresses with you friends. You can wear what they wore last year, and vice versa.
• Discount shops offer a variety of selection at a really low price. You can visit your local discount store to get the dress you will wear for your prom.

No matter which dress you wear for that special night, always be confident. Enjoy this special night, for this is once in a lifetime. You can be a princess in any dress that you wear as long as you wear it proudly. Prom nights will always be a memorable night for every girl, so just enjoy your prom night, and always remember that you are beautiful no matter how expensive or cheap that dress you are wearing.

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Choosing Asian-inspired Clothing for the Slim Women

Asian-made clothing has been one of the most trending pieces of fashion for women in this era. There are so many retailers who have been covering all points of selling either via import or over the internet. Fashion pieces made by South Korea, Japan, China, Thailand and India have been sold over the globe because these clothing provide such a wide variety of options. There are clothes to fit women that cover all kinds of occasion yet have that Asian twist that transcends culture. However, for lean and slim women, they have to consider some tips when shopping for these types of clothing.

Choosing Asian-inspired Clothing for the Slim Women

The Hourglass Feature of a Woman

Needless to say that slim women boast of a waist line that compliment the way they wear dresses. Some designers mentioned that clothing fit women better not because they look like skinny models, but because their shoulders and hips flatter their waist. This is what they call the hourglass. When choosing Asian-inspired or created clothes, slim women need to find pieces that would create this balance among her shoulders, waist and hips. The Koreans and Japanese have layering pieces of fashion that can boost an area (shoulder or hips) depending on what needed to be emphasized. If the highlighted area are the hips accessories like belts or beads can do the talking. If shoulders need a boost, they have created dangling pieces of accessory that would go well with the outfit.

Height Matters

For the petite, slim women there is much wider array of Asian clothing that suit them well. The Thais have a lot of printed tops that have been fused with elegance and simplicity that go so well with plain tights or skinny pants. Though some of their creations are more appropriate for the casual wear, if matched with a classy cardigan or vivid blazer it will do a petite women good during night outs and parties. For the taller ones, an Indian traditional piece of clothing called the Salwar Kameez is a chic innovation. This two-piece attire comes in different lengths for both the top and pants, and has a broad range of colors and sizes to fit taller, slim women.

Style and Innocence Combined

Sometimes, the level of liberty that western women project in their clothing is one of a kind. For those wanting to be different yet exude elegance just the same, Chinese buttoned-up dresses will come in handy. It flaunts a slim woman’s curves without having to show too much skin. These types of dresses come in different lengths, varying sleeve designs and art or beadwork that will suit so many occasions. With all these creation, this is the best time for slim women to exude confidence in the way they wear clothes. They are no longer confined in their own culture’s way of fashion, but they can find some great pieces that also say too much about a different culture.

Fashionable Dresses for a Date

Dating has been more exciting with lots of sexy dresses to choose from. Of course it depends on the weather but since dating usually involves dating on a romantic restaurant, dressing up in sexy outfit would always be a good move.

These are just some of the dress suggestions if you are into Canterbury dating or simply going out with someone:

Tenley Dress

1. Tenley Dress
Be fabulous in this turquise get up. It’s sexy for being strapless, drop waist lace dress with full skirt and exposed zipper.

Maybell Dress

2. Maybell Dress
Stripes are sexy! This strapless stunner is available in Azalea Pink Swizzle Stripe and Worth Blue Swizzle Stripe. Be daring, be beautiful, and bring the fun wherever you go.

Krissa Dress

3. Krissa Dress
You can meet your date even straight from your office with this formal yet sexy dress! The little twist on this dress and some beading details can make you more attractive.

Whitaker Dress

4. Whitaker Dress
White is delicate and sexy for evening dates. This is a good alternative for your little black dress. It is unique because of its one shoulder 3/4 lace sleeve. It can highlight your curves with its body-hugging fabric.

Julianna Dress

5. Julianna Dress
If you want to stick with the traditional sexy black dating dress, you can try Julianna Dress. It features A-line sleeveless shift dress with placed print and detachable belt.

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Lilly Pulitzer Spring Dresses

Lilly Pulitzer officially celebrates the start of spring with a big bang! The current promotion entitles you to a free shipping on all orders. Grab this opportunity to get petal sprinkled and pretty dresses!

Lilly Pulitzer Spring Dresses Free Shipping

There are lots of dresses to choose from. Today’s highlight is the Blossom Dress – strapless, swingy and every bit springy. Enjoy fresh and pastel colors!

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Different Ways to Love Floral Prints

Mix and match the right way!

Loving Floral Prints

1. Sexy corset top + high-waist pencil skirt

2. Bold cover-all + belt

3. Neutral top + dark printed slacks

4. Floral Skirt + Sexy top + Blazer

5. Floral top + Floral pants of the same pallette

Top 6 Colors of Fashion

If you will apply the law of attraction to the clothes you wear, then start picking the right color for what you would like to achieve on a particular day. Don’t let your mood overpower your decision.

Colorful Dresses Selection

Here are some of the colorful dresses that don’t just make you fashionable but also attract all the good things out there:

1. Powerful Red
Red means courage and passion. It is the color of energy. Wearing red clothes can give you strength and confidence. It also easily attracts attention.

2. Happy Orange
Orange is a happy color and can bring out all the positivism in you.

3. Friendly Yellow
Yellow is a fresh color that is associated to sunshine. Experience good times and laughter to our heart’s content while wearing yellow.

4. Wealthy Green
Green brings calmness. Aside from that, it is also associated to growth, wealth and good fortune.

5. Successful Blue
Blue is the color of expression. At the same time, you can wear blue to impress other. Blue signifies productivity so it is ideal for office attire.

6. Lovely Pink
Pink is very pleasing and gentle to the eyes. This soothing shade represent romance and affection.

Fashionable Wear on a Road Trip

Whatever season it is, it’s important to dress up your best when going on a trip. Nothing feels better than being the ultimate roadside attraction. Some of the top picks are net dresses, doily lace tunics, croppped tops and bare-back sheaths.

Road Trip Goddess

Knitted Cashmere Dress + Lacy Flat Shoes

Here are some ways to achieve a sexy and comfortable look:
1. Pair your high-waist jeans with a sleeveless crop top. A cropped top with beads will also look good on footwear with laces.

2. Wear a top with waist-length slit at the back. Pair it with tight jeans and stilettos.

3. Try a zip-down dress and accessorize with pearl earrings and necklace.

4. If you are about to go to the beach, put on a net dress and wear a pair of dainty slippers.

5. If you are going out with your date, go for a corset top with eyelet lace. Knitted dresses are so trendy!