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Asian’s Fashion Sense

The world of fashion has gone through many evolutions. From the all-wrapped up ladies and gents of the medieval era to the shorter styles of clothing of today’s generation—fashion speaks for the history it belongs to. And today, Asians are becoming a part of this history. They are not only emerging in music and sports, but also fashion. And the style that Asians has is very true and original to its roots.

Koreans, Indians, and Japanese fashion are evidently blotting history on the map of fashion. The Western world and their neighboring Asian countries are discovering the fashion empires of these countries through their movies, music, and famous celebrities. They leave observers curious of the fashion and the need to try on to the new styles that they are showing.

  • Seoul, Korea is a a shopping destination for tourists and locals alike. Korean pop stars dominating international music charts are seen in their own fashion and the world is getting curious leaving most Westerners thinking, “Their clothes are fabulous!” And that leads the fashion air to Korea. The new generation Korean fashion is different to the traditional in so many ways. Their fashion is noticeably opposite to their traditional clothing and fashion watchers are thinking that they might be scared to mix and match with their contemporary and classic fashion.

Korean Fashion

  • Bollywood is slowly getting noticed by the world. Indians may not be so big in music but their movies are showing the world what Indian fashion is all about. Unlike Korean fashion, Indians are more of risk-takers in terms of fashion. But the risks are all worth it. Their current fashion mirrors what Indians have been wearing in the past which really shows the beauty and colors of their history from before to the present.

Indian Fashion

  • Japan has been in the map for long already—longer than the two countries mentioned above. Japanese movies and music have been in the map since before and people have seen this fashion family grow. “Style is eternal,” as Coco Chanel says and this is what Japanese fashion is showing the world. They are like the Indians who are mixing contemporary and classic—-history and the modern times. The beauty of Japanese watchers can notice is finding the beauty of fashion without showing off too much. Japanese fashion is a perfect mix of the conservatism of its history to the dynamics of the modern fashion world.

Japanese Fashion

Prom Night Tips

Below are some of the suggestions for making that night really special:

  • First, think of what your overall look will be at least two months before the occasion.  Check hairstyles from various magazines or by searching the web to know the right hairdo that will suit you.
  • Surf the internet for different prom dresses you may like to wear. If you want to go to nearby malls better if you bring someone with you, like friends or family to help you decide for the right evening gowns that will fit you perfectly and you could also compare prices to pick those that suit your budget.

Mini Length Strapless Sashes Prom Dress

  • Make salon appointments two months before the date of your prom. Making appointments during the prom season is an unwise thing to do since most salons will be full. You will have the opportunity to choose your favorite hairstyle and the hair stylist that can do it right if you book the appointment ahead of time.
  • Same with your nails and make-up, try to make prior arrangements before the date of your prom. This will provide you more alternatives to choose the place you want and to spend wisely since prom season can become expensive if you are on a budget.
  • There are many prom night dinner offers that you can go with your friends to or your prom date that are not pricey to help you enjoy the evening but it would be better if you make a reservation one month before the date. Also, It would be good if you also have transportation to pick you and your friends up for going to your favorite dinner place.
  • Decide on your final look three weeks before your prom night. You should have already bought your prom dress, shoes and accessories with your chosen hairstyle by this time. You may also match your dress with your shoes or other accessories and even the tie of your prom date.

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Be A Model

Modeling is a special talent. Fortunately the talent can be taught. There are many places in the UK willing to teach and train a person to be a great model. There are agencies designed to make the next hot model by instructing the individual the correct practices and manners expected in the modeling world.

To begin a career in modeling, it is important to first have professional photos taken. The photos should be in black and white and color. Both will show off the attributes while also showing the model in a unique light, which will captivate the agency or client.

Wear classy or chic clothing to show off the body modestly. Browse through magazines or online websites for ideas. Learn your body type and what style of clothing accentuates the bonuses of your body. Learn to hid parts of your body that are not as appealing, this helps to create a more appealing model.

To get other ideas for clothes, go to a local clothing store and ask the attendant to help you find different styles. Remember to select at least three different styles, including colors, cuts, and materials. Do not use the same material or merchant as this presents a stale picture for prospective agencies and clients.

Add jewelry, scarves, hats, and belts to the wardrobe. A belt or scarf can change the outfit completely. It is also an inexpensive way to add or alter the outfit without having to purchase a new top, new shoes, or new bottoms. Take the risk to try new things with the outfit.

Find a photographer with experience to help you make the best shot possible. The photographer can create a new person with simple touches and secrets of photography. Find a professional who is willing to work with you to create a portfolio to show off your assets.

Make sure to get plenty of headshots. Although most models believe it is the entire package that sales, it really is the face. Take plenty of different shots showing off the different moods and styles you can create. Once again, use both color and black and white photos.

Once you have professional photos in your portfolio, research the local agencies for a place to submit your portfolio. Ask for references of models to make sure you are getting a professional agency that is going to work for you not against you. You also want to make sure you are not getting into anything you do not want to be associated with.

Talk the agency about the types of models they use. Not all agency are looking for high-end models or the next cover-girl. Depending on what your goals are, you may be interested in the a modeling position that is not the high-end vigorous and demanding job.

Ask the modeling agency to provide a honest and unbiased review of you, your portfolio, and possible chances of becoming a model. You want an agency that is honest, not one that lies or misleads you.

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