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Colored Contact Lenses- A New You Every Day

Colored contact lenses are a great way to jazz up your style and give yourself a new and refreshing look. Colored contact lenses are extremely popular around the world and many people, both male and female, use them on special occasions, parties or sometimes, even for extended use. Colored lenses mainly come in three different kinds of tints- visibility tints, enhancement tints as well as opaque color tints. Visibility tints are just light blue or green tints added over a lens that makes it easier for users to spot it in case it is dropped. A visibility tint does not affect the eye color.

Colored Contact Lenses

An enhancement tint is translucent and is slightly darker than visibility tint. They mainly enhance the existing color of the eye. Opaque color tints are the ones that help one to change the color of one’s eyes with the help of lenses and are available in a variety of attractive colors. There are certain disadvantages associated with colored contact lenses as well. On occasions, the colored portion can slide over the pupil. Additionally, they can occasionally hinder clear vision in dark places or at night. However, the appeal of colored lenses from far outweighs these minor disadvantages.

Fashion Trend for 2015

Happy new year everyone!

It’s already January 2012 but the parties might not be over yet! And because of that, you have to continuously upgrade your wardrobe with fashionable dresses, accessories and must-have items for 2015!

Aside from your clothes, jewelry is a staple item that you shouldn’t dismiss since the trend keeps repeating itself.

Fashion Trend for 2012
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