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Bridal Hairstyles Without A Veil

Absence of veil is a permissive and versatile option when it comes to wedding. It allows you to have innovations and experiments. You can add details but you need to know your limits and stick on the same kind.

If you don’t have plan on wearing a veil, you can opt with ultra-short hairstyles. Get a part of the hair using wax then divide it to have volume. You can also go for the wet hair effect. To do this, all you need are your styling gels and your fingers.  If you’re experimenting with pants, you can choose bobs or any asymmetrical with straight and shiny locks with straight bangs.

Short Bridal Hair with Bangs

Bridal hairstyles for short hairs are advantageous in different ways. First, it creates a more creative look for the brides out there. Also, short hairs can be styled faster thus it will save time and effort.

You need to figure out first if you really want to go for short hair or not. Don’t go experimenting if your wedding day is close. The remaining time may not be enough to reverse your hairstyle just in case you did not like what you did. Still, it’s up to you whether you’ll go for short or long hairstyle. Whatever style you choose, don’t forget to be confident and be beautiful on your special day!

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Go Outdoors with Fashionable Summer Accessories!

Have you ever felt worried about being not so fashionable when traveling or doing some outdoor activities? You just have to know the basics and you should be good to go. Focus on the most important things first then the miscellaneous stuff can follow.

If you’re feeling like a beach babe or a travel buddy, don’t forget to pack your things early and include the following:

1. Sun Dresses

Sun Dress
Choose wrinkle-free sundresses for your convenience. Nobody would want their perfect summer clothes in mess once they pull them out in their luggage. Linen-made clothes are surely perfect for summer but one must have an ironing board in order to enjoy it. Unfortunately, no traveler will dare to bring an ironing board in the span of their travel. Wrinkle-free fabrics are designed for travel. Roll it, put it in the luggage to save space and when pulled out, they’re good as new! Go for the blends of bamboo, spandex, cotton, and polyester.

2. “Utility” jewelry

Bracelet and Watch in OneA “utility” jewelry is not just an ordinary jewelry. From the word itself, utility, it fits for all occasions and style. It is not needed to have different sets of matching jewelry for every outfit. Aside the fact that it is impractical; it also increases the chance that the owner will lose it. Utility jewelry can be a bangle watch that can also be a bracelet; a simple gold or silver hoop earring; a silver, gold, or neutral-colored cuff bracelet; a silver or gold chain necklace with a tasteful charm; and a muti-colored beaded necklace.

3. Fashionable tote

Fashionable Tote
Carry everything you need in a single bag when going outdoors. Choose tote bags that are fashionable and made of light-weight materials. Carefully place your towels, toiletries and makeup kit in your tote bag. It should have compartments to hold your summer skincare essentials, swimwear or basic undergarments.

4. Sun glasses and Hats

Sun Glasses and Hats
Going out is the sun will always be a part of travelling. When travelling, you shouldn’t forget protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Wear a sunglass to protect your eyes. Losing is easy when you’re out so you can opt for bringing cheaper sunglasses. You wouldn’t want to cry when your designer sunglass lost. Another way of protecting your skin is with the use of sun hat. Wrinkle-free sun hats are available in the market. You can just fold it or just squish it into your bag.