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Tips to Have Prettier Feet

If you’re not able to wear those fashionable stilletos or latest open-toe sandals because you have a not-so-pretty feet, then it’s about time to do something about it! There are different factors why you usually get feet problems such as dry and cracking skin. It could be due to genetics, weather, footwear and other factors.

High Heels

If you want to improve the condition of your tired feet, here are some tips:

1. 15-minute foot soak
Soaking your feet in warm water for fifteen minutes can soften the skin. Scrubbing it can also remove dead skin cells to reveal a healthier skin.

2. Cut and shape your toe nails
By cutting and shaping your nails regularly, you can avoid ingrown nails. Your feet will also be more attractive if your nails are properly trimmed.

3. Use nail creams
There are over the counter solution for your dry and brittle nails. You may use them or choose strengthening oils to restore healthy nails.

4. Keep your feet fresh
Avoid smelly feet by using foot powders if necessary. There are also foot scrubs with peppermint and eucalyptus oil to keep your feet feeling fresh and odor-free.

5. Give your feet a break
You should know when high-heels and ballet-flats would work for you. Everything should be done in moderation so if you’ve just worn killer heels the whole day, make sure you give your feet a good rest at the end of the day. Foot massage can do the trick. And make sure that you won’t be wearing the same heels again the next day to give recuperating time for your feet.

6. Get the right shoe size
When buying shoes, make sure that you fit it right. The best time to buy shoes is by the afternoon since you’ll get your actual footsize that during any other time of the day. It is important for your footwear to be comfortable. If they are too tight, it can cause torns and callouses which could be unsightly.