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Top 6 Colors of Fashion

If you will apply the law of attraction to the clothes you wear, then start picking the right color for what you would like to achieve on a particular day. Don’t let your mood overpower your decision.

Colorful Dresses Selection

Here are some of the colorful dresses that don’t just make you fashionable but also attract all the good things out there:

1. Powerful Red
Red means courage and passion. It is the color of energy. Wearing red clothes can give you strength and confidence. It also easily attracts attention.

2. Happy Orange
Orange is a happy color and can bring out all the positivism in you.

3. Friendly Yellow
Yellow is a fresh color that is associated to sunshine. Experience good times and laughter to our heart’s content while wearing yellow.

4. Wealthy Green
Green brings calmness. Aside from that, it is also associated to growth, wealth and good fortune.

5. Successful Blue
Blue is the color of expression. At the same time, you can wear blue to impress other. Blue signifies productivity so it is ideal for office attire.

6. Lovely Pink
Pink is very pleasing and gentle to the eyes. This soothing shade represent romance and affection.

Fashionable Wear on a Road Trip

Whatever season it is, it’s important to dress up your best when going on a trip. Nothing feels better than being the ultimate roadside attraction. Some of the top picks are net dresses, doily lace tunics, croppped tops and bare-back sheaths.

Road Trip Goddess

Knitted Cashmere Dress + Lacy Flat Shoes

Here are some ways to achieve a sexy and comfortable look:
1. Pair your high-waist jeans with a sleeveless crop top. A cropped top with beads will also look good on footwear with laces.

2. Wear a top with waist-length slit at the back. Pair it with tight jeans and stilettos.

3. Try a zip-down dress and accessorize with pearl earrings and necklace.

4. If you are about to go to the beach, put on a net dress and wear a pair of dainty slippers.

5. If you are going out with your date, go for a corset top with eyelet lace. Knitted dresses are so trendy!