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Blogging for Fashion

Whether you are blogging for fashion or not, building links is helpful. By being connected to other bloggers, one can get more ideas  and share it with others. At BC Bloggers, members don’t have to beg for links. It is automatically exchanged among the willing participants. Here’s how to join:

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That’s it!

Happy blogging!

The Right Type of Shoes

You always want to be stylish and trendy, now how will you choose your shoes and make sure that your footwear won’t let you down?

When going outdoors, wedges and platforms offer the best comfort and relaxed look. The added architectural heights will make you more classy. Same thing when attending cocktail party. Invest on high-heels because few inches can really make a big difference with your projection. Stilettos are best confidence-boosters! However, when clubbing, it is better to go for closed-shoes. Nothing beats the killer boots. Be stylish with one of a kind footwear that will show off your gams.

If you’re working, you probably spend most of your time at the office. So it will be good to get a timeless pair such as pumps with embellishment. It will match well with your office attire and casual getup.

Blue Shoes

Who won't love BLUE?

For formal occasion, delicate styles with unique details are recommended. Sating and sparkly pairs are ideal for wedding and other special occaions.

And when shopping (especially when shopping for new shoes) go for comfortable flats. They relax your toes plus it is easier to fit the shoes you’d like to buy.

Flirty Looks from Stockings

Stockings are getting much attention these days so be sure to add something unique to your outfit for a more stylish look. Whatever season it is, there will be perfect leg-hugging tights for you!

  • Bright colored

A punch of neon tights can grant you an iridescent aura. Score upbeat look with bright pink, neon green and sizzling orange.

  • Sheer

Look toned and formal with light-gray tights paired with neutral get up.

  • Textured

Remember the fishnet stocking? Now you’ve got more choices with animal prints and flowery designs. Combine them with ruffled skirts for an awesome fit.


Flirty Fishnet Stockings

Flirty Fishnet Stockings

  • Printed

Attracted to abstract get stockings in sheer prints. It goes well with boots and layered skirts.

  • Opaque

Black tights have been the all-time favorite. This timeless piece can highlight your appearance as you wear bright mini dress.

Hot and Wild Fashion Purchase

Thinking of changing your wardrobe or simply getting itchy to buy new clothes? Mix and match from this list:

  • assymetrical drape dress
  • maxi dress with keyhole neck line
  • two-tone body-contouring dress
  • palazzo pants
  • bias cut cover up
  • tunic with beaded neck line
  • abstract floral-printed top
  • multi-color miniskirts
  • paisley print assymetrical dress

And more eye-catching pieces!